Go With the Flow

MARC Global Services expands SCE offerings with Streamsoft slotting capabilities

Dulles, VA  October 1, 2001  MARC Global Services, a systems integrator of supply chain execution (SCE) solutions, today announced that it has added Chicago-based Streamsoft, LLC's slotting software to its SCE solution offerings. MARC Global Services-Americas will resell and implement Streamsoft's FlowTrak tool in order to assist its customers in purchasing a fully optimized SCE solution.

FlowTrak complements MARC's current SCE offerings by providing three major capabilities: warehouse design and analysis, initial slotting, and on-going optimization. MARC Global Services will use the FlowTrak tool in conjunction with the MARC SCE suite of products to provide product profiling and warehouse layout for Greenfield facilities, as well as for customers with medium to large, seasonal product bases. The use of FlowTrak will offer customers a fully optimized fulfillment system encompassing receiving and put-away to picking and shipping.

Developed by Streamsoft in 1998, FlowTrak optimizes the warehouse by continually maintaining an optimal layout of products within storage or picking locations in the warehouse (stock keeping unit (SKU) Profile). The software tool considers such factors as movement, staging and storage of the SKUs in the warehouse as well as their fluctuation and cost impact to the operation. Addressing such key issues as inappropriate racking, improperly sized locations, and under-utilized capacity for the SKU mix, FlowTrak provides slotting recommendations that improve labor productivity and reduce costs.

"FlowTrak software allows customers to address slotting-related bottlenecks and inefficiencies caused by changes in the operating environment," Paul Maurer, president, Streamsoft, LLC, said. "When used with the MARC software, the solution will allow customers to increase their warehouse performance, optimize the use of warehouse space while reducing costs and improving the overall fulfillment process."

"Regardless of the industry, supply chains are being forced to become shorter, more proactive and flexible, yet still maintain accuracy," Bob Kennedy, vice president and general manager, MARC Global Services-Americas, said. "Distribution center managers are seeking world class warehouse optimization software to help manage adverse slotting effects while maintaining productivity and fulfillment with their SCE solutions."

FlowTrak has been implemented in over 50 warehouse sites comprising 35+ million square feet and 1.2+ million SKUs. FlowTrak's standard platform executes in a Windows NT environment. Streamsoft's FlowTrak tool is compatible with the MARC SCE product suite.