Baan Refreshes Services Scheduler

Says planning and scheduling app optimizes service provision

Golden CO  April 2, 2002  e-Business software provider Baan has unveiled version 2.0 of its interactive planning and scheduling solution for equipment-related service and maintenance management, software intended to let companies optimize service provision for customer responsiveness and resource utilization.

The provider said its iBaan Service Scheduler 2.0 taps into the planning and scheduling data contained in an organization's enterprise systems. This enables companies to better manage their customer service and maintenance functions by extending the visibility of customer preferences and scheduling constraints, while streamlining the service fulfillment process across the entire enterprise.

Henk de Ruiter, senior vice president of marketing and alliances for Baan, said that the new solution supports Baan's recently announced enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) strategy. "This new solution helps businesses optimize and grow their services business to achieve significant operational efficiencies," de Ruiter said.

Johan Schijf, program manager at the business communications unit of Royal Dutch Telecom, said the Baan solution is helping his company react more quickly to customer service requests. "We are doing a lot of short cyclical work for many customers, requiring the ability to act and respond very fast," Schijf explained. "The right insight in the scheduling constraints and opportunities becomes key when managing and planning our 800 engineers."

Baan said it's developed the solution in response to customer demand for scheduling capabilities in both the low-end, high-volume field service and in the high-end, complex maintenance and installation services.