Business Process Partnership

IDS Scheer, Intalio offer integrated solution for e-business process management

Berwyn, PA  June 5, 2002  Business process solution providers IDS Scheer and Intalio today inked a partnership deal under which the two companies will develop an integrated process management solution.

IDS Scheer provides business process excellence services and tools, while Intalio offers business process management software.

Through the alliance, IDS Scheer and Intalio said they will collaborate to develop a business process management solution that integrates IDS Scheer's ARIS Toolset with the Intalio|n3 Business Process Management System to streamline intra- and inter-enterprise processes.

The integrated solution is based on the business process modeling language (BPML) developed by the Business Process Management Initiative (BPMI), in which both IDS Scheer and Intalio participate.

The companies are unveiling a prototype the solution at this week's SAPPHIRE '02 show, SAP's annual user conference currently underway in Orlando.

As the partners describe it, companies adopting the joint solution will be able to use ARIS, software for business process modeling, to design business processes and the transfer business processes into Intalio|n3, a standards-based business process management system (BPMS), to deploy, execute and maintain them as they drive process-oriented collaboration across multiple enterprise applications and platforms.

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