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Commerce One offers new collaborative Web services platform, SRM suit

Pleasanton, CA  July 23, 2002  Commerce One announced it is going to be delivering a Web services platform that it said will help companies lower the cost of enterprise application integration and development, as well as create composite applications.

In addition, the platform, which is targeted for beta availability in Q4 2002, will power Commerce One 6.0, a new suite of supplier relationship management (SRM) Web services.

Commerce One said the platform integrates applications within and outside the enterprise, coordinating information flow and business processes and giving companies a chance to create composite applications. In addition, the platform will help enterprises transform existing legacy applications into networked Web services.

The company said new technology investments, mergers and acquisitions, competition and cost pressures continue to drive IT demands, and they added that Forrester Research predicts companies will each spend an average of $6.4 million on integration efforts in 2003. Commerce One said the platform has been designed to speed application integration and reduce ongoing support costs.

Shawn Willett, principal analyst at Current Analysis, said, "Commerce One is bringing a wealth of experience and some interesting technologies to bear on the problem of providing an infrastructure for Web services."

As for the new suite of SRM Web services, it is targeted for beta availability in Q1 2003 and is designed to enable companies to increase visibility and control over their supply chains. Commerce One said the suite will give enterprises the freedom to modify the source-to-pay process company-wide or within specific business units as requirements change. They will also be able to expand source-to-pay functionality by integrating internal applications with business partners.

"As sourcing and procurement secure a greater role in corporate strategies, effective execution requires coordination and integration of information, processes, and business systems within and across enterprises," said Tim Minahan, vice president of supply chain research at Aberdeen Group. "Since its inception, Commerce One has been focused on delivering process-focused, inter-enterprise procurement solutions on a standards-based collaborative platform. This experience should prove to be a sound foundation for Commerce One's collaborative Web services platform and its Web services application suite."