Camstar, Vigilance Offer Joint Solution

Partnership links providers of collaborative manufacturing, supply chain event management apps

Tempe, AZ  August 6, 2002  Camstar, a provider of solutions for collaborative manufacturing execution (CME), is partnering with Vigilance, a provider of supply chain event management (SCEM) solutions, to deliver an integrated, real-time event management solution specifically tailored to the needs of global manufacturers.

The new partners assert that their joint solution will provide manufacturers with a strategic competitive advantage by using live production information to maximize corporate flexibility, automate business processes and improve internal communication and collaboration across the enterprise and throughout the supply chain.

The combined Camstar/Vigilance SCEM solution is a component of Camstar's Virtual Factory Suite of enterprise applications, which enables global manufacturers to manage multiple plants and processes as a single factory. Camstar and Vigilance have built the solution on an open architecture, enabling it to integrate with such enterprise applications as enterprise resource planning (ERP), product lifecycle management (PLM) and customer relationship management (CRM).

Commenting on the partnership, Bill Swanton, vice president manufacturing strategies at technology consultancy AMR Research, wrote in a recent research note: "Camstar and Vigilance are proving that the value of manufacturing information is to highlight performance against [key performance indicators] and to notify managers of problems while there is still time to take corrective action. Camstar Systems and Vigilance are closing in on the collaborative manufacturing execution vision."

Through real-time visibility to production flows across single- or multi-site production environments, the solution automatically alerts companies and their systems to problems with production processes and accelerates reactions to any changes on the factory floor. The joint solution also improves business efficiencies and reduces costs by providing live visibility into manufacturing operations for key supply chain partners and facilitating the creation of front-end business rules across multiple enterprise applications, according to the two companies.

With the joint solution, manufacturers tailor a notification system to fit their specific needs. Vigilance's real-time event management and pre-packaged analytics combine with the execution infrastructure of Camstar's Virtual Factory to alert companies to exceptions that impact production processes and schedules. Companies are then able to track and analyze exceptions, monitor key performances, identify trends and build what-if scenarios that help determine the impacts, costs and profitability of decisions. They have the opportunity to identify root causes of problems and proactively correct them.

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