Information Management for the USAF

Awards $6.67 million contract to PureEdge to modernize e-forms

Victoria, British Columbia  November 18, 2002  The United States Air Force today awarded PureEdge Solutions Inc., a provider of secure XML-based e-forms, the contract to modify existing static e-forms to an interactive process based on current e-business models. Under the terms of the deal, the Air Force will convert approximately 15,000 e-forms utilized by more than 700,000 end users, to PureEdge e-forms.

The approximately $6.67 million deal was awarded to PureEdge (a subcontractor) by GSA Federal Systems Integration and Management Center (FEDSIM) on behalf of its Air Force client, following a series of operational tests at 12 Air Force bases worldwide in mid-May.

The Air Force will use PureEdge's secure Internet Commerce System (ICS) to make the millions of e-form transactions made each year. The e-form modernization project is part of the Air Force's content management program and is aimed at significantly reducing the time and effort required for all Air Force personnel to access, fill and process form-based content.

"This advancement in technology presents the Air Force with the opportunity to redefine our business processes, while enabling existing Air Force infrastructures to tap into its information management capabilities," said Carolyn Watkins-Taylor, director of U.S. Air Force Departmental Publishing Office. "This transition will increase the level of support we can provide to the men and women of the United States Air Force. This has been and continues to be our primary goal."

PureEdge said its e-forms are based on open XML standards and provide users with the ability to digitally sign documents, use ad hoc routing, move data in and out of other systems, and store all elements of a transaction in one secure file, including presentation.

"Our approach for this project focuses on user interaction and content management," said David Sprenkle, President, Enterprise Information Management, the systems integrators on the project. "The application of XML-based technology to enterprise-wide Air Force forms will improve service to the warfighter through management capabilities and streamlined processing of forms and content."