IM from M1

MatrixOne offers instant messaging add-on to its collaboration solutions

Westford, MA  November 22, 2002  Collaborative commerce specialist MatrixOne this week unveiled an instant messaging (IM) platform that can be added to the software company's applications.

The IM module allows for secure enterprise instant messaging for one-to-one or multiple-user sessions across the value chain.

By adding this application, which is based on secure Internet protocols across firewalls, a MatrixOne user can detect other online team members and invite them into an instant messaging session. The session can be expanded by inviting others, and participants can transition to other online conference mechanisms that support multiple media types, such as WebEx.

"This technology extends MatrixOne users the ability to have an integrated instant messaging solution to enhance communication across the global value chain," said Sam Zawaideh, vice president of product and solutions for MatrixOne.

The IM platform was developed in conjunction with Geometric Software Solutions of Bombay, India, a specialist in providing product lifecycle management software solutions.