SmartSignal, OSIsoft Partner

Integrated software to accelerate adoption of advanced equipment monitoring technology

Orlando, FL  December 12, 2002  SmartSignal, a provider of predictive technology for equipment condition monitoring, and real-time information management systems provider OSIsoft announced a joint alliance to integrate Smart Signal's eCM product with OSIsoft's PI System (PI).

The companies claimed the result is the first predictive maintenance program based on real-time data for the energy industry. AMR Research said predictive performance platforms like SmartSignal's use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) design and performance data to create a competitive barrier through designing another level of service.

Additionally, the early warning technology, coupled with OSIsoft's data storage capabilities, gives power generators the ability to reduce maintenance spending and improve generation availability.

The providers said that users receive real-time asset health monitoring and early warnings of impending faults with the product. The advanced warning gives power generators the chance to reduce unplanned maintenance and decrease planned maintenance. According to research done by the providers, a typical 600 MW power plant can expect to save $1 million annually with the integrated software.

Power generators deploying OSIsoft infrastructure with SmartSignal solutions will also have access to process data for application development, access to data via remote locations across corporate networks or the Internet and product upgrades by both companies as future releases are issued.

"Asset-intensive industries, such as power, are now forced to do more with less and are looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity. Because our customers in the energy industry rely heavily on OSIsoft's PI System for real-time data management, the complementary addition of SmartSignal's next generation monitoring technology will deliver even more success to our customers," said Jim Kowalski, vice president of marketing for SmartSignal. "Based on SmartSignal's ability to integrate the PI database into our eCM offering means that customers can gain the benefits that proactive equipment condition monitoring provides in a short timeframe."