V3 Updates SCE Solution

Adds "process controls" for easier configuration of supply chain execution application

Charlotte, NC — April 14, 2003 — Software provider V3 Systems today rolled out the latest update to its flagship supply chain execution solution, adding "process controls" designed to give companies more flexibility in deploying and adapting the application to changes in their operations.

V3 said that version 4.7 represented a significant advance in the provider's component approach to Web-based supply chain execution solutions and will serve as the centerpiece of the company's "reference model" solution, designed to help customers respond faster and at lower cost to changes in their networks, business processes or customer requirements.

"Many companies are squeezed right now between the need to limit capital investment and expenses in software while still responding to growing consumer expectations for fast product delivery and service," said Ashley Campbell, CEO and president of V3 Systems. "This latest version of our solution merges those two needs in a platform that gives customers the choice about when to expand their system, which functionality to deploy and greater control over exactly how the software will support their unique business processes."

V3 is highlighting version 4.7's "process control" system that gives users control over specific functions so they can individually choose how the software will operate in response to particular or changing business processes, facility characteristics or customer requirements. The process control capability will help customers, and particularly 3PLs, to respond much more quickly to changing requirements and can minimize the need to order major software changes, according to the provider.

The software company is also touting version 4.7 as a new software platform for larger 3PLs, with reference models that can be selectively deployed across multi-facility and multi-organizational networks. The reference models are patterned around business rules, inventory types and facility requirements, so 3PLs can have visibility and control over a range of global supply chain execution deployments from a single instance of the software.

The version 4.7 release includes the introduction of the V3 Integration Server, intended to provide a set of supply chain execution messages for B2B connectivity through standard XML-based messaging, which can help further decrease the cost, time and risk of integrating with customers, suppliers and back-office enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.