Raytheon Automates Collaboration

Taps NexPrise process-automation applications to manage contract deliverables, collaboration with customers, suppliers

Taps NexPrise process-automation applications to manage contract deliverables, collaboration with customers, suppliers

Carlsbad, CA — June 27, 2003 — Raytheon has deployed solutions from business process automation specialist NexPrise to manage all contract deliverables with the Turkish Navy and to automate collaboration among its defense customers and suppliers.

Lexington, Mass.-based Raytheon Company, with 76,000 employees and 2002 sales of $16.8 billion, operates in the aerospace, defense and electronics sectors.

The company's Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) business provides integrated air and missile defense and naval and maritime war-fighting systems. Part of IDS, the Warfare & Ship Systems Integration product line is working with the Turkish Navy to support the Turkish Navy G-Class Frigate Modernization Program. The $18 million contract will provide integration support to complete the development of the Turkish Navy's GENESIS Combat Management Systems.

The company is using NexPrise Program Management applications, including NexPrise Program Manager and Contracts Manager, to comply with the integrated data environment (IDE) contract requirement to electronically integrate data for collaborative data exchange.

With critical connectivity requirements for its defense customers and suppliers, including the Turkish Navy Research Center Command, Raytheon needed a Web-based, secure solution with 24/7 worldwide access and fast deployment to support its data exchange environment. The NexPrise solution provides Raytheon with an IDE offering that automatically notifies process participants on a 24x7 basis, alerts participants to required actions and provides them with a unified global source of version-controlled contracts, standard agreement templates and vital information about contracts.

NexPrise says that its Program Manager and Contracts Manager applications automate the process of assembling data from more than 30 users in the program and create a workflow that is compliant with U.S. International Traffic in Arm Regulations (ITAR), export regulations defined by the Department of Defense for dealing with information that may pose a potential security threat.

Under this requirement, data that may potentially be used for weapons information can be sent only to American nationals, and an audit trail is necessary to prove Raytheon's conformance with ITAR. The automated process now reduces the number of errors and revisions that are by nature created by manual processes and reduces reproduction and shipping costs, while increasing the speed of the contract review process from weeks to days, according to NexPrise.

Based on the NexPrise nProcess Platform, a suite of tools designed to accelerate business process application development, Raytheon was able to deploy production-ready applications within just two days. The potential payback comes in the form of savings in collaboration resources and increased efficiency.

NexPrise released an updated version of its nProcess Platform earlier this month, adding support for personalization, Microsoft's SQL Server, secure integration and ad hoc collaboration, among other new features. (See related story.)

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