More on...Best Practices for M&A

Additional insights on the benefits and challenges of merging supply chains

In the October/November 2007 issue of Supply & Demand Chain Executive, the article "Best Practices for M&A" shared insights into the impact that mergers and acquisitions can have on the supply chain, as well as the challenges and opportunities involved in bringing together two or more supply chains as a result of M&A activity.

In this Web supplement to the article, we feature extended conversations about M&A and the supply chain with Robert Babel of Forte Industries, Michael Hilbrich of i2 Technologies, Jeff Karrenbauer of INSIGHT, Andrew Kinder of Infor, Marc Tanowitz of Pace Harmon, and Jay Welsh of Accenture.

Next: We start this Web supplement with Jay Welsh, discussing a recent Accenture survey addressing the challenges and success factors in merging supply chains. Read more...