FEI: Supply Chain Innovation

May 13, 2014
May 15, 2014

The Evolution of the Supply Chain Leader to Strategic Innovation Partner features Xerox, Unilever, Campbell Soup, WD-40, MIT Supply Chain Innovation Forum, Amway, J+J and more. Unlike other supply chain events, FEI Supply Chain Innovation is not about logistics. The emphasis of our content focuses on how supply chain has become an integral influencer for innovating at the front end. For a long time, the supply chain was part of execution, happening at the back end. Now, innovation happens concurrently and supply chain is no longer back office, no longer simply logistics, but a strategic and influential partner in the innovation process in the front end. Supply chain is no longer linear, it's circular with the customer in the middle. Co-creation between supply chain executives and external ecosystems is the norm, not the exception. They are expected to create value. Save 20 percent with code FEI14SDCE. 

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