From Tactical to Strategic Retooling for Better Category Management by Denali Group

It is fair to call the last ten years transformational for Procurement as a function. We've learned to break away from the back office to the fore fronts of the corporate seats, delivering strategic advantage and value to our respective companies. While this transformation is happening at the functional level, when we look behind the curtains, most procurement organizations are still busy addressing what we call "Tactical" work: responding to contract requests, managing supplier communications, running RFPs, preparing supplier scorecards. While "Category Management" is adopted as a principle, when it comes to practice, most organizations struggle with sustaining it alongside of a flurry of tactical responsibilities. In this webinar, Denali Group will discuss four essential ingredients to move away from tactical and retool for strategic category management. Among the topics to be covered are "resource limitations", "skills gap", "training and Knowledge Management" and "Procurement's Reputation" all supported with real life examples from companies going through this transformation.

Recording date: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 Panelist Information: •Chris Eyerman -- Director, Denali Sourcing Services •Susanne Wrage -- Director, Denali Sourcing Services