Our dynamic web hosted Rate/Contract management tools make it a snap for you to keep up with all of the rate & fee changes that occur throughout the span of any agreement with point & click analysis tools to help you make informed routing decisions. We'll even manage and update the rates for you - Guaranteed!

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International Freight Forwarding: MIQ Logistics

Product From MIQ Logistics

MIQ Logistics international freight forwarding services can stand-alone or be integrated with inland logistics services for a complete door-to-door solution.

  • Global forwarding: air, ocean and charter services 
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Product From CEBOS, Ltd.

An integrated suite of over 20 modules to cover all quality management system needs, including:

  • Supplier ratings and approvals
  • Supplier metrics
  • Supplier corrective action tracking
  • Product Specification management
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GT Nexus Cloud Supply Chain Platform

Product From GT Nexus
GT Nexus provides the cloud-based collaboration platform that leaders in nearly every sector rely on to automate hundreds of supply chain processes on a global scale, across entire trade communities. Customers include Xerox, Liz Claiborne, Nestlé, DHL, Sears, Caterpillar, Kraft Foods and The Home Depot.
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Prorizon Comm-Plete Procurement

Product From Prorizon Corporation

"We turn procurement into a Competitive Asset"

Established in 1992, Prorizon supports procurement operations, contract administration, logistics, asset control, accounting & reconciliation, and budget tracking in more than 30 countries. We use a combination of proven business process methodologies, software and human resources to dramatically increase operational throughput, provide more extensive management reporting and increase overall user satisfaction.

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INSIGHT Bid Analyzer

Product From INSIGHT, Inc.

INSIGHT's strategic transportation sourcing tool, INSIGHT Bid Analyzer (IBA), enables such a collaborative approach to transportation procurement. Combining the communication effectiveness of the Internet with optimization technology, IBA allows shippers to purchase transportation services in the most efficient, cost effective manner. Instead of being a burdensome operational detail, transportation procurement takes on the role of an important tactical planning process that is consistent with the overall supply chain strategy.

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Purchasing Toolpak

Product From Buyer Analytics LLC

With Purchasing Toolpak reduce time on transactional procurement while improving decision making skills. Fully functional database driven purchase order. View reports and monitor order status. Email order in PDF format. Use the first ever purchasing calculator (at least that we know of). Select from over 30 Excel templates to make you more productive.

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International Transportation Management

Product From Amber Road

Our solution enables you to manage sea freight and airfreight transportation, with a potential savings of over 8% in total freight spend. This level of benefit is realized by automating your annual tender, centrally managing approved carriers, routes and rates, optimizing carrier selection, and auditing freight bills.

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eBid eXchange

Product From eBid Systems

Vender Management

  • Centralized database
  • Vendor registration and maintenance
  • Standardized supplier qualification
  • Performance assessment

Sourcing and Bidding

  • Bid invitation
  • Document management
  • Online bidding
  • Bid tabulation
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Product From ShipMatrix

Full Service Solution: MyShipMatrix

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Freight Audit & Payment

Product From Continental Traffic Service Inc. (CTSI-Global)

Audit and Analysis

    • Fully automated audit for duplicate, rate, discount, ancillary and performance metrics
    • Process refunds for all exceptions

      Contract Management

        • Scan, store and analyze all contracts online
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