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Leading manufacturers, distributors, and industrial services companies in more than a dozen different B2B verticals have relied on Zilliant’s patent-pending MarginMax optimization technology to:

  • Show their salespeople what each customer is really willing to pay
  • Gain advantage by responding to cost fluctuations more effectively
  • Align the price-points in matrices and lists to true market dynamics
  • Determine what to charge for build-to-order or configured products

By delivering deal-time pricing intelligence to an organization’s sales team, they’re able to reduce risk in the marketplace, minimize over-discounting, and increase revenues and margins at the same time.  In the past, access to Zilliant's technology was limited to only those companies who could engage in a large-scale, enterprise software deployment.  But today, MarginMax is a SaaS offering residing "in the cloud" — providing unprecedented access to the most mature and proven price optimization technology available.  To see an online demo of this powerful solution visit,

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