Ultimate Business Planner

Ultimate Business Planner

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Ultimate Business PlannerĀ® software walks you through the steps of writing a business plan. Put together a complete financial forecast (up to 60 months) to see if your new business idea will make money. Affordable and sold with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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Infrastructure Design

Product From LIDD Supply Chain Intelligence

LIDD helps clients make capital investment decisions with respect to their distribution footprint.  Whether a client wants to know what it should do with its network of distribution centers, or it wants to expand/replace a single distribution center, LIDD helps work through the many critical decisions that determine the size and effectiveness of that capital investment.

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Operations Improvement

Product From LIDD Supply Chain Intelligence

While companies do not make major capital investment decisions every year, they do aim to constantly improve existing distribution operations – lowering operating costs, boosting productivity and improving service levels.  Many clients rely on LIDD to help identify and profit from these opportunities, whether it be through information technology, warehouse process re-engineering or slottingand pick line optimization.

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Product From Reval

CORPORATIONS around the world, including many of the Fortune 500, subscribe to Reval to help transform the way they handle and integrate critical treasury and risk management functions across their enterprise. Key enterprise treasury and risk management coverage includes:

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Product From InfinityQS

ProFicient is InfinityQS' industry-leading Statistical Process Control (SPC) software. It automates data collection and analysis on the plant floor, helping quality professionals make intelligent decisions to improve their manufacturing processes in real-time,

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Product From CEBOS, Ltd.

An integrated suite of over 20 modules to cover all quality management system needs, including:

  • Supplier ratings and approvals
  • Supplier metrics
  • Supplier corrective action tracking
  • Product Specification management
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GT Nexus Cloud Supply Chain Platform

Product From GT Nexus
GT Nexus provides the cloud-based collaboration platform that leaders in nearly every sector rely on to automate hundreds of supply chain processes on a global scale, across entire trade communities. Customers include Xerox, Liz Claiborne, Nestlé, DHL, Sears, Caterpillar, Kraft Foods and The Home Depot.
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Prorizon Comm-Plete Procurement

Product From Prorizon Corporation

"We turn procurement into a Competitive Asset"

Established in 1992, Prorizon supports procurement operations, contract administration, logistics, asset control, accounting & reconciliation, and budget tracking in more than 30 countries. We use a combination of proven business process methodologies, software and human resources to dramatically increase operational throughput, provide more extensive management reporting and increase overall user satisfaction.

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Product From INSIGHT, Inc.

IES (Integrated Enterprise Strategy) is the Insight breakthrough product for corporate strategy analysis. It is equipped with all of the features of the Insight Strategic Analysis of Integrated Logistics Systems (SAILS) product: a powerful optimization engine, an exceptionally easy to use interface, a host of built-in databases, extensive data analysis and preparation options, comprehensive reporting capabilities, and powerful scenario generation features. It is designed to comprehensively address all of the classic network design questions and related issues that SAILS can handle. In addition, it explicitly considers both the costs and anticipated demand impact (so-called lift) of proposed marketing campaigns. What truly sets it apart is its ability to optimize these marketing expenditures and all aspects of the supply chain simultaneously. It does so by identifying that set of facilities, commodity flows and marketing initiatives that maximize corporate profitability. In other words, it explicitly identifies which marketing campaigns should be implemented and which should be avoided and to which customers, channels and products they should be targeted, all in light of supply chain costs and capacities.

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Global Project Management Tool

Product From DATA Inc.

Whether deployed as a value-add for your development project, or as a full solution, DATA Inc's Project Management System is a valuable solution centered on best practices in Project Management - powered by a combination of Microsoft technologies to help create a 24-hour lifecycle on all projects.

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Product From Atlas Business Solutions

ScheduleAnywhere online employee scheduling creates shift schedules. It helps you cut scheduling time, reduce overtime, and better utilize your staff. Employees can login to see their own schedule and request time off. A free 30-day trial is available at

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