Global Consulting

Global Consulting

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Business Process Optimization

  • Benchmarking and carrier compliance
  • KPI development and monitoring
  • Vendor compliance and chargeback
  • Audit on vendor terms
  • Security

Network Optimization

  • Distribution center site selection
  • Distribution network analysis
  • Network design and modeling
  • Routing guide development

Rate Optimization

  • Bid development
  • Product classification / FAK analysis
  • Rate conversion analysis
  • Rate negotiation

Shipment Optimization

  • Load consolidation analysis and load dimensional analysis
  • Mode, carrier and service analysis
  • Packaging and service level analysis
  • Shipment zone analysis

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Global Trade Management : MIQ Logistics

Product From MIQ Logistics

MIQ Logistics Global Trade Management services enable customers to make informed decisions earlier in the supply chain:

  • Import services: help manage advanced information requirements, customs entry regulations and supply chain security procedures
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Blog - views and opinions on logistics

Product From LIDD Supply Chain Intelligence

Follow industry news, get opinions, play logistics trivia bu subscribing to LIDD's blog:

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Infrastructure Design

Product From LIDD Supply Chain Intelligence

LIDD helps clients make capital investment decisions with respect to their distribution footprint.  Whether a client wants to know what it should do with its network of distribution centers, or it wants to expand/replace a single distribution center, LIDD helps work through the many critical decisions that determine the size and effectiveness of that capital investment.

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Operations Improvement

Product From LIDD Supply Chain Intelligence

While companies do not make major capital investment decisions every year, they do aim to constantly improve existing distribution operations – lowering operating costs, boosting productivity and improving service levels.  Many clients rely on LIDD to help identify and profit from these opportunities, whether it be through information technology, warehouse process re-engineering or slottingand pick line optimization.

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International Freight Forwarding: MIQ Logistics

Product From MIQ Logistics

MIQ Logistics international freight forwarding services can stand-alone or be integrated with inland logistics services for a complete door-to-door solution.

  • Global forwarding: air, ocean and charter services 
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Mergers and Acquisitions

Product From CFA Mergers and Acquisitions

Corporate Finance Associates (CFA) is the leading mid-market investment bank serving the international supply chain industry. Offices in North America, Europe and Asia provide high level mergers and acquisition services to clients.

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Freight Audit & Payment

Product From Continental Traffic Service Inc. (CTSI-Global)

Audit and Analysis

    • Fully automated audit for duplicate, rate, discount, ancillary and performance metrics
    • Process refunds for all exceptions

      Contract Management

        • Scan, store and analyze all contracts online
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        Forecast Server for Financial Forecasting

        Product From Vanguard Software Corporation

        Our financial forecasting software automates P&L, cash flow, and sales forecasts. Integrates with your existing ERP systems to produce real-time forecasts. Use Vanguard's advanced reporting features to help communicate results. Learn more about our

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        Vanguard System (Modeling and Simulation Software)

        Product From Vanguard Software Corporation

        Vanguard's modeling and simulation software allows you to build complex business models for forecasting, simulation, and optimization. Learn more about our modeling and simulation software.

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        Velocity Solution Suite - Replenishment Optimization

        Product From Vendor Managed Technologies
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