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Technological Developments Gain Traction Across Supply Chain

A new report from Frost & Sullivan confirms the supply chain’s need for more technologies, as developments in product lifecycle management platforms, automation, simulation tools and more gain adoption in North America, Europe, India and other global regions.

“TechVision 2020,” developed by Technical Insights (TI), Frost & Sullivan’s Technology Research & Consulting division, defines fifty of the most innovative technologies in the world that will transform industries, strategies and businesses.

The selected technologies spread across nine sectors which include Sensors & Control; Materials & Coatings; Clean & Green Environment; Information & Communication Technology; Microelectronics; Sustainable Energy; Health & Wellness; Medical Devices & Imaging Technology; and Advanced Manufacturing & Automation. They represent the bulk of research & development (R&D) and innovation activity today.

“Assessing intelligence on several emerging and disruptive technologies and innovations from around the globe, Frost & Sullivan's analysts have condensed an exhaustive list into the top 50 technologies which we believe have the maximum potential for global adoption and possess significant commercial potential,” said Ankit Shukla, Practice Director, Technical Insights, Frost & Sullivan. “This body of work is a culmination of thousands of hours of relentless effort put in by over 50 global TI analysts based in six continents.”

Each technology was rated and compared across many parameters such as global R&D footprint; year of impact; global IP patenting activity; private and government funding; current & emerging applications; and current and potential adoption rate. The technologies outlined in “TechVision 2020” will be unveiled at GIL 2012.

“The focus at GIL 2012 Europe is on sharing, engaging and inspiring a continuous flow of new ideas and fresh perspectives which leverage innovation as a resource to help address global challenges,” said Dorman Followwill, Partner and Director EIA, Frost & Sullivan. “This event is designed to fuel creativity and offer access to best practices, tools and strategies that will drive growth and inspire innovation.”

TechVision 2020 showcases each selected technology, closely assessing the potential of a given technology platform to understand the true market opportunities, while evaluating the risk-reward elements. It appraises technology maturity and adoption ratings, possible year of impact and patent landscape, examines private and government funding trends, and explores future technology and application roadmaps.

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