Online Exclusive

Sapient Automation Releases Mini Avenger

Hatfield, Pa.—March 20, 2012— Material handling company Sapient Automation’s Mini-Avenger vertical carousel and cart system provides ergonomic high density secure storage for logistics work areas and cells. The new unit saves up to 66 percent of wasted floor space while increasing operator productivity up to two thirds by eliminating wasted walking time. It also reduces wasted searching for parts and material because of its adequate storage density—more than cabinets, drawer systems and shelving.

The portable unit comes with roller ball bearing caster wheels which require minimal effort to move quickly and easily. Units can be dedicated to a work station or area; or rotated for replenishment, kitting, consolidation, buffer or pick-and-pass applications.

Inventory and items for logistics are stored on carriers or shelves which rotate on an oval track vertically and delivered to an ergonomically located work counter. Every shelf can be configured uniquely to meet specific inventory and application requirements. A myriad of totes, trays, containers and boxes can be utilized to optimize virtually any application. An optional uninterrupted power supply allows for mobile software usage.

The cart system is available with integrated software and pick-to-light systems to assure 99.9 percent-plus levels of accuracy, picking speed and increased productivity. When placed up, the folding work counter seals the unit for maximum inventory security and protection. By using the locking work counter and password software access, inventory and items can be tracked and monitored for improved management visibility. This helps in reducing inventory costs by eliminating misplaced or stolen items.

The Mini-Avenger is delivered ready to go out of the crate. Plug into standard 120 volt outlet for immediate use.