Finnaren & Haley to Ramp Up Manufacturing Operations with Faster Data

Paints and coatings manufacturer to convert all stores to Deacom point-of-sale system

Wayne, PA — January 12, 2006 — Deacom client Finnaren & Haley Inc. is now in the process of switching its retail stores to the DEACOM Point-of-Sale (POS) system.

Once the 30-day installation period is complete, all 23 stores of Finnaren & Haley Paint & Coatings will use DEACOM software.

The POS system, a module of the DEACOM accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution, is expected to create a live link between Finnaren & Haley's corporate headquarters and its distribution points. Transactions will be visible with real-time inventory and financial postings. Business processes, like pricing and customer credit, will be administrable and accessible online with DEACOM POS.

For Finnaren & Haley, a manufacturer of paints and coatings servicing the Delaware Valley region, the DEACOM POS function will replace an antiquated method that relied on floppy disk transfers and nightly 9600 baud modem transfers of data.

Fran Connell, chief financial officer of Finnaren & Haley, explained, Our former POS process riddled our manufacturing operations with slow data. Now we'll be able to check stock and pricing information, and be confident in knowing that information is received on a timely basis. With DEACOM, we'll have vastly improved operational control.