Jesta Debuts Quality Control, Social Compliance Modules for Soft Goods Supply Chain

New functionality designed to help suppliers, retailers ensure quality controls and ethical standards compliance

Ensuring Ethics Compliance

  • Tracking — Monitors processes with "intelligent alerting," including workflow management for purchase order lifecycle management, production, pre-production, chargebacks, store openings and unlimited user-defined business processes.

  • Bidding — Manages the bidding process by aiding in the evaluation of bids and awarding orders with automatic purchase order generation.

  • Logistics — Provides visibility into shipment tracking and helps ensure product moves quickly once it arrives. Pick/pack and ship functionality provides remote partners or internal shipping step owners with the ability to create labeled cartons, eliminating the need to send preprinted labels to partners.

  • SalesLink — Retailers, manufacturers, importers and distributors can use this module to stay connected and have instant access to pricing, detailed product information and order status information from any location.

Upgrade for Vision Merchandising

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