Republic Plastics Serves Up Transportation Management

Disposable tableware manufacturer selects LeanLogistics' accelerated program for fast implementation

Holland, MI — February 7, 2006 — Republic Plastics said it has chosen LeanLogistics' On-Demand TMS to better manage its transportation, to lower freight spending and to improve customer service.

Republic Plastics is a fast-growing, mid-size manufacturer of disposable tableware. The company produces private-label plates, bowls, saucers and lunch trays that are sold by retailers such as Wal-Mart, Kroger and Winn-Dixie.

With shipping volumes projected to triple over the next three years, Republic needed to improve its business procedures for providing shipment status.

Republic Plastics decided to use LeanLogistics' Accelerated Benefitprogram, which allows potential customers to use On-Demand TMS for an initial 60-day period with minimum risk and obligation. After the initial 60 days, Republic Plastics said it saw real value in the solution and elected to continue using it. The company will now implement additional functionality, including settlement, volume allocation and other features.

Robert Garner, director of transportation, Republic Plastics, commented, Rising fuel costs, demanding customers and ever-tightening carrier capacity make it imperative to implement rigorous transportation cost management and provide collaborative visibility across customer, internal and carrier touch points. We are very pleased with the volume allocation waterfall' that automatically uses the carrier base more effectively.

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