Agile Supply Chain Gets Xbox 360 into Eager Gamers' Hands

Microsoft collaborates with DHL on multi-mode logistics operation to ensure timely deliveries of the video game console

Long-time Collaboration

Executing to Plan

Lessons Learned

  • Enhancement of a trans-Pacific rail-steamship service where ocean freight shipments entering the Port of Los Angeles from Hong Kong were met at the docks by dedicated trains that carried consoles and accessories directly to Microsoft's North American distribution center in Memphis, Tenn. The service shaved several days off the standard transit times and ensured predictable and cost-effective deliveries to support the initial rollout and subsequent replenishment of inventory.

  • A unique aircraft loading solution for European air consignments enabling Microsoft to fully optimize the space aboard each aircraft without compromising the integrity of Xbox 360 units. Because the pallets' original height prevented them from fitting in the lower deck area of the aircraft, DHL Danzas Air & Ocean developed a program to "down-stack" each pallet at origin, load them securely into the aircraft belly for flight and then rebuild the pallets into their original SKU configuration at destination.

  • The enhancement of DHL's event management tool that connected Microsoft with suppliers, contract manufacturers, carriers and even other transportation providers to deliver near real-time visibility of in-transit inventory.

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