Redefining Strategy

Transportation and logistics provider Nulogx launches new corporate brand to identify the two key focus areas of the organization

Toronto, Ontario March 1, 2006 Nulogx, a transportation and logistics software and services company, said it has introduced its new corporate identity to distinctly identify the two key focus areas of the organization.

The company said the new strategy will emphasize its expertise as a transportation and logistics services firm that delivers software solutions and services for third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and business that manage their own transportation needs.

The first stage of the new identity began this week with the launch of the corporate logo, as well as the Services and the software Solutions brands. The common message across the Nulogx Software and Services business units is the tagline Delivering Real Return on Logistics.

Under the Solutions brand, Nulogx said it will deliver a portfolio of software solutions that simplify the management of transportation processes through planning, optimization, execution, visibility and financial settlement.

Under the Services brand, Nulogx explained that it will focus on its strategy of Delivering Real Return on Logistics to customers utilizing the Nulogx flagship Transportation Management System (TMS) as well as the solutions from its strategic partners.

The second stage of the new identity is expected to usher in the next generation of the Nulogx transportation management system (TMS) scheduled for release in spring 2006.