2005 Supply & Demand Chain 100 Case Study - Deere & Company Commercial & Consumer Equipment Division / SmartOps Corporation

Profiles in Supply Chain Enablement: $3.5 billion division eliminates $1 billion in inventory costs using planning and optimization solution

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SDCE 100 2005 Case Study:

  • Five product lines — consumer and commercial riding lawn equipment and mowers, golf course mowers and aerators, utility vehicles and utility tractors — comprise 100 product families.

  • Most products require off-the-shelf availability or consumers will buy elsewhere.

  • 70 percent of products experience seasonal demand, with 65 percent of retail sales between March and June.

  • Financing incentives encouraged dealers to carry inventory.

  • Even with ample inventory, dealers frequently lacked proper product configurations in stock and were dissatisfied with C&CE's on-time performance.

The Solution

The Results

  • Enterprise-wide system integration boosted on-time factory shipments from 63 percent to 92 percent while maintaining end-customer service levels at 90 percent.

  • During peak season, the company doubled replenishment frequency with no increase in transportation costs, thanks to better planning.

  • MIPO automates and streamlines planning and optimization tasks, eliminating manual data entry and human error.

  • Aged inventory dropped from $140 million to under $50 million, avoiding the need for product discounts and saving $10 million annually.

  • At the end of 2004, C&CE met its $1 billion inventory reduction/avoidance goal, a full year ahead of schedule.

  • Savings translated into more than $107 million in positive shareholder value add (SVA), a measurement that positively affects share price.

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