2005 Supply & Demand Chain 100 Case Study  Williams-Sonoma / Tompkins Associates

Profiles in Supply Chain Enablement: Retailer optimizes DC performance and gains supply chain visibility

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SDCE 100 2005 Case Study:

  • Williams-Sonoma had the vision and upper-level leadership necessary to create significant change;

  • Tompkins Associates led the development of new business processes within the distribution center;

  • Manhattan Associates optimized the functionally of its Warehouse Management solution to best serve the business;

  • Tompkins Associates utilized its knowledge of material handling integration and Manhattan Associates' Warehouse Management Solution to achieve integration of the DC conveyors, sorters and pick engines to the supply chain information systems.

  • Service: First-day service of mail-order merchandise has improved, with substantially more orders getting out the door on the day they are received.

  • Visibility: One measure of tracking information such as lost orders is dubbed WISMO (where is my order?). With the new solution, lost orders are down ten-fold.

  • Efficiency: Reprocessing of orders is down significantly under the new system.

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