Supply Chain Services Allow Acequia to Focus on Core Strengths

Bantam Electronics assumes operational hardware manufacturing for provider of irrigation water conservation solutions

Austin, TX — July 17, 2006 — Acequia L.P., a provider of irrigation water conservation solutions to local and nationally based commercial property owners, has partnered with Bantam Electronics Inc. to use its custom manufacturing solutions and supply chain services for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to meet growing national demand.

Bantam, which provides a custom manufacturing of network appliances, industrial controllers, and computer-based devices and supply chain services for established and emerging OEM companies, is assuming operational hardware manufacturing responsibilities for Acequia's Aquador Irrigation Control Units. Bantam is also providing parts and finished product inventory management, shipping and logistics services, and tier-1 warranty/RMA support. capitalizes on the growing trend of integrating industrial control systems with network routing devices to deliver true centralized management. Acequia provides customers with savings in irrigation water cost while creating an environmentally sensitive public image. The partnership enables Acequia to focus on critical core strengths, such as continuing product development and customer acquisition.

"To support Acequia's growth, we are constantly looking for strategic business partners for support. We have now partnered with Bantam Electronics to provide the latest supply chain services necessary to assure the highest quality finished irrigation control units at the best prices available," said Kenneth Cook, Acequia Operating Partner. "A strategic partnership with Bantam Electronics enables us to be sure the hardware manufacturing and related logistics are taken care of professionally, so we can focus on managing irrigation water costs and new installations for our growing list of client/partners."