NI+C (of Japan) Selects ODIN technologies for Scientific RFID Testing

Testing is expected to pave the way for RFID adoption in Japan once standards are finalized

Dulles, VA; Tokyo, Japan — July 19, 2006 — ODIN technologies announces today that it has completed lab testing with NI+C at its Dulles, Va., facilities. NI+C's goal was to test radio frequency identification (RFID) equipment for use in the global supply chain.

Kevin MacDonald, ODIN technologies vice president of Client Architecture, commented, "NI+C is one of the leading players in the Japanese RFID market. Its innovative work on new and emerging technology is paving the way for more widespread adoption of RFID in Japan. The lab testing work conducted in the United States helped to determine how well RFID will perform in Japan, when standards are finalized, and throughout supply chains worldwide. ODIN's FCC license enables global testing to be conducted at one convenient location."

Yuichi Murano, president of ODIN Japan, added, "NI+C worked with ODIN because of our scientific approach and successful track record of accurate RFID implementations. The Japanese market will not tolerate low read rates, and a physics first approach is required to achieve 100 percent reads. In addition, ODIN's labs are uniquely positioned because they can test tags in all UHF frequencies worldwide. There is no other company offering this testing in one facility."