BAM! Business Activity Monitoring Seen Ready for the Mainstream

Gartner says BAM driving faster responsiveness; webMethods identifies strategies for optimizing process performance

Shaping Process Behavior

New Strategies

  • Business Assurance and Visibility: Organizations employ leaner business models while taking strategic advantage of the ability to outsource secondary functions through the use of BAM for service-level agreement (SLA) assurance. In this context, BAM ensures that required process steps occur on-time as planned, with automated alerts highlighting exceptions. With the addition of statistical modeling, which transforms observed process behavior into an understanding of what's normal and what's not, enterprises can also automate the detection of process or transaction defects, such as faulty orders.

  • Control Services: By tying business process execution to assurances that specific conditions were met, enterprises can further automate these processes, yielding additional improvements in efficiency. This same approach is also critical to BAM's use as a platform for automating regulatory compliance via continuous controls monitoring. In addition, BAM's ability to regressively prioritize business process steps to meet specific business objectives "on-the-fly" has proven significant in a number of key ways, such as in "load-balancing" in-bound traffic to ensure the optimal use of call center resources.

  • Complex Pattern Recognition: While business intelligence tools have long offered the ability to analyze warehouses of data, they're of far more limited value in evaluating the real-time implications of transitory events. That's where BAM steps in with its automated ability to detect previously unseen relationships between a variety of disparate factors. As a result, enterprises can more quickly recognize and respond to changes impacting their operations. At the same time, this ability to automatically detect and drill down upon cause and effect relationships is also an important diagnostic tool for process remediation.

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