Ford Motor Co. Working With Vivecon Supply Chain Management Solution

Software uses predictive analytics so automakers can mitigate effects of unpredictable swings in demand

Mountain View, CA — February 28, 2005 — Vivecon Corp., a supply chain risk management solutions provider, today said that Ford Motor Co. will begin working with Vivecon's supply chain risk management solution, a new software package that enables automotive manufacturers to quantify and manage demand uncertainty and supply risk.

"We are starting to see more organizations shifting toward predictive, actionable analytics to manage demand uncertainty and supply risk," said George Devlin, CEO of Vivecon. "Vivecon's software identifies trade-offs among key cost drivers and provides business intelligence to help automakers make more profitable capacity and procurement decisions."

The provider's software enables automakers to apply analytic tools and science-based processes in an effort to tame the effects of changing demand and market uncertainty. Using Vivecon's software, the company's other automaker customers are better able to anticipate and minimize the disruptive effects of supply-demand mismatches and achieve a more responsive-to-market manufacturing system.

Vivecon software applies financial engineering techniques — similar to those used on Wall Street — to give business intelligence that factors demand uncertainty and supply risk into automakers' decisions. Vivecon said its software has already enabled one automaker in Europe to reduce tooling expense by up to 12 percent while still maintaining 95 percent or better service levels.