eXegeSys To Open-source eXsyst Anywhere Development Environment

Provider sets sights on helping developers and users in the implementation process

Salt Lake City, UT — March 3, 2005 — eXegeSys Inc., a provider of application development tools based on its Customizer Technology, announced its decision to join the Open Source movement by offering an open-licensed version of the eXsyst Anywhere application development technologies within a "dual-license" strategy.

eXsyst Anywhere is a software architecture and developer's toolkit for the creation of adaptable applications, enabling both the economies of packaged software and the specific fit of custom developments. Implementations can use eXsyst Anywhere's capabilities to allow modifications without causing any of the problems typically associated with the term "customization," the company said.

eXegeSys said that by using the application, developer productivity can be improved at initial build and in updates and support, localizations can be managed more simply and efficiently, and support is streamlined. The application uses industry standards and capitalizes on users' existing skill sets and knowledge.

eXsyst Anywhere also bridges the gap between the standard generalities developers deliver and the specificity that individual customers require, while protecting both, according to eXegeSys.