Retail Solutions Introduces New Data-sharing Portal for Retailers

DiscoverLink to enable retailers to share POS, inventory and supply chain information with suppliers

Lincoln, RI — March 8, 2005 — Retail Solutions Inc., a provider of demand data management services and products, today announced DiscoverLink, a new data reporting solution for retailers.

DiscoverLink combines a Web-based portal with analytical tools to deliver information on demand to both retailers and the supply community, the company said.

According to Retail Solutions, the new solution is designed to enable retailers to achieve the sales and supply chain advantages enjoyed by industry leaders such as Wal-Mart and Target by allowing them to share critical information and analysis with suppliers.

"Retailers can impact their operating efficiency by investing in processes and systems to leverage demand intelligence, improve pricing and enhance supplier collaboration," commented Scott Langdoc, vice president of research at AMR Research, in "Retail Decisions for 2005: Investing in Processes." "Benefits include tighter execution, more accurate forecasting and a reduction in out-of-stocks, resulting in potential 10 percent sales and 5 percent margin growth for an average tier-one retailer."

DiscoverLink uses Retail Solutions' Discover database technology to allow for a 90-120- day start-to-finish deployment. DiscoverLink also offers multiple implementation, reporting and analysis options to meet the retailer's needs.

"Our experience working with retailers and manufacturers has shown that there are only a few key data elements that are truly meaningful and provide the greatest return on investment," said Ramesh Murthy, chief operating officer at Retail Solutions. "With DiscoverLink, we help retailers share the data that actually matters, and can make a difference to the bottom line."