TrueCommerce Upgrades EDI Translation Software

New software streamlines QuickBooks integration, offers more robust shipping capabilities

Pittsburgh — March 9, 2005 — TrueCommerce this week introduced Integrator 4.1, the latest version of its Integrator translation software for the company's electronic data interchange (EDI) solution.

According to the company, Integrator 4.1 streamlines integration with QuickBooks software and upgrades shipping and packaging capabilities. Integrator 4.1 translation software is part of an EDI solution that includes data mapping modules, network services and free technical support.

TrueCommerce provides an EDI solution designed for small and mid-tier companies that is able to transfer data from electronic transactions, such as purchase orders, invoices and advance shipping notices, to and from accounting or business systems including QuickBooks. The company said that since there is no need for manual re-keying and verification of this information, users can reduce or even eliminate costly data entry mistakes.

Integrator 4.1 offers some new functionality, such as integration with NiceLabel, a barcode label printing software, and auto-pack functionality that enables users to automate the process of determining the number of cartons required to ship an order.

Intuit, a provider of business and financial management solutions for small- and mid-sized businesses, said it has selected TrueCommerce to present Integrator 4.1 and demonstrate how it integrates with Intuit's QuickBooks Enterprise software this week at National Manufacturing Week in Chicago.