Primagas Optimizes IT Operations

Leading German power utility integrates solution portfolio with Magic Software

Houten, NETHERLANDS — March 17, 2005 — Development and integration technology provider Magic Software Enterprises said today that the German power utility Primagas has optimized its IT operations with Magic's iBOLT integration tool. Within the scope of the "Sundance" project, the company integrated its solutions with iBOLT to more effectively support its corporate-wide business processes.

The results of the Sundance project confirmed Primagas's decision to use enterprise application integration (EAI) as a systematic approach and iBOLT as an integration tool. Following a three-month trial, Primagas began the first stage of its integration solution. This meant coupling its e-procurement system, including existing gas business processes, financial accounting and output management, all of which now support gas sales, eliminating the need for manual operation within the process.

"iBOLT supports all stages of our integration project, from modeling of business processes through programming implementation, all the way to operations monitoring," said Primagas IT Manager, Joachim Walsdorff. "iBOLT is based on Magic Software's development environment, eDeveloper. This already gives us integration potential based on its strong platform, and that it is a database-independent operation. We will incorporate iBOLT into all of our systems to link applications and databases to form a single, unified company solution."