Ross Updates Supply Chain Suite for Process Manufacturers

iRenaissance solution gets features intended to boost flexibility, supply chain visibility and productivity

  • Improved Visibility. Focused on providing enhanced visibility throughout the supply chain, iRenaissance SCM 5.9 now includes Gantt charts in addition to traditional planning bar charts to provide visual job adjustments and inventory profiles, offering improved sequencing and scheduling functionality and giving companies a more complete view of available production capacity and schedules. Paired with these charts, the advanced alerting capabilities available in SCM 5.9 warn users of the impact of any changes in their plans and schedules as well as changes in demand, providing real-time notifications of capacity, materials and customer service issues. Another key aspect of enhanced visibility in SCM 5.9 includes the on-screen Forecast Waterfall, helping manufacturers monitor changes in forecast over time with stored snapshots of forecast data. This enhanced graphical and grid-based information provides more efficient on-demand analysis, in turn improving overall operations, Ross said.

  • Updated Functionality. More functional process automation and management features increase the overall productivity for iRenaissance SCM 5.9 users, according to the solution provider. Scripting gives users the ability to develop additional personalized business rules within existing planning algorithms without the need for special development resources. These personalized rules enable users to better optimize planning by developing strategies and understanding the business impact of changes prior to any action being taken, Ross said. For companies looking to expand global operations, SCM 5.9 also provides expanded multilingual capabilities.

  • Technology Platform. By making SCM 5.9 available on Microsoft SQL Server (in addition to Oracle), the latest release provides greater mid-market accessibility for small to midsize organizations with limited technology resources. The iRenaissance Internet Application Framework ("IAF") technology foundation allows users to leverage Web services to update future software releases with a fast-track release process, Ross said. Additionally, with a simplified upgrade process, companies can remotely conduct system upgrades, getting iRenaissance users updated on current versions quickly, oftentimes in less than a day, according to the solution provider.

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