Descartes Launches Ocean Rate Management Product

New solution designed to let ocean carriers manage open tariff rates, contracts and rate agreements in all trade lanes with one application

  • The ability to use internal codes in the Ocean RateBuilder database, which Descartes said will simplify the integration of rate information into back office systems that handle booking, documentation, audit, demurrage and yield analysis;

  • Support for importing and exporting spreadsheets, helping to simplify the publishing of calculable contracts and rate agreements and streamlining the process of integrating shipper bids;

  • Workflow tools to facilitate, automate and enhance the carrier's business process for managing the negotiation of rates and contracts between sales, pricing and trade management;

  • The ability to edit rates, inlands, surcharges and contracts in real-time, enabling bills of lading and rate quotes to include the most current data;

  • Integration of contracts prepared by shippers using Descartes' Ocean Negotiator bid management tool;

  • The ability to generate quotes or contract proposals from templates for multiple and/or multi-factor rates to customers while keeping a record of the quote for future reference and booking;

  • An integrated reporting module for enhanced rate analysis for pricing, sales, customer support and trade management personnel;

  • Updated security features that enable protection of global rates by region, country or more specific geographic criteria.

For more information on the latest trends in the logistics space, see the article "The Analyst Corner: Fulfillment & Logistics" in the October/November 2004 issue of Supply & Demand Chain Executive.