"Have It Your Way" RFID Solutions from Catalyst

Supply chain execution specialist offers bundled solutions to help companies comply with radio frequency ID mandates

Three Flavors

  • RFIDComply, a preconfigured solution that can be installed in less than eight hours, according to Catalyst; it includes RFID device management software, a database license, a RFID reader, a RFID printer and other software, supplies and documentation to get up and running.

  • RFIDConfigure, includes the standard RFIDComply kit, plus 20 additional days of bundled services (assessment, planning, system design, transaction mapping, deployment) and up to three days of case and pallet testing.

  • RFIDComplete, the standard RFIDComply kit with 45 days of bundled services, three days of case and pallet testing, and a guarantee of meeting pertinent RFID standards.
"Have It Your Way" Approach

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