IPLocks Picks On Demand CRM Solution

Data security firm now supports customer base with insight-driven sales, marketing and service

San Mateo, CA — May 5, 2005 — The data security firm IPLocks said today that it has chosen Siebel CRM (customer relationship management) OnDemand as its hosted CRM solution. IPLocks said it selected to solution to better manage and monitor its global sales force, improve marketing campaign effectiveness and offer its customers world-class service.

IPLocks Inc. has a scalable security platform that users employ to solve database security, integrity, availability and confidentiality issues in near real time. IPLocks' system can detect, alert, diagnose and monitor for information risks from security policy violations, malicious acts, corrupt data, structural integrity, change control, and information theft and leakage.

"Being in the security business, we trust IBM's hosting capabilities and greatly appreciate the ease with which we've been able to deploy Siebel CRM OnDemand and immediately see benefits," said Christine Crandell, vice president of Marketing, IPLocks. "With no defined system in place, we also look forward to using Siebel's sales methodology. And since the majority of our salespeople work remotely, we need an effective system to track leads and monitor the status of the business. IPLocks will rely on Siebel CRM OnDemand to help us grow beyond our initial start-up processes."

IPLocks' Sales and Marketing groups are now in production with Siebel CRM OnDemand, including multiple languages and currencies. IPLocks said Siebel's solution enables the company to set up and better manage sales territories, provide improved support for partners, and optimize data quality and demand generation.