Akibia Selects Solution to Manage Service Parts Logistics

Demanding service level agreements, huge inventory database causes IT services provider turn to Choice Logistics for solution

New York — May 18, 2005 — Akibia Infrastructure Management Services, an independent IT services provider, said it has realized a return on investment and increase in overall client approval ratings since integrating Choice Logistics' service logistics and supply chain solutions.

"We view efficient service parts logistics as a critical component to delivering superior service and competitive pricing to our Fortune 1000 client base," said Mike Parisi, director of global logistics for Akibia. "With stocking locations based across the globe, we required a service parts partner like Choice who could provide a logistics solution to fulfill hundreds of same-day service level agreements."

Akibia said it provides IT solutions to companies to maintain and optimize their data center environments and security infrastructure. The company was faced with the challenge of meeting the needs of over 200 two-, four-, and six-hour same day service level agreements (SLAs) for over 400 clients worldwide, while also accessing over 10,000 disparate parts and effectively tracking and managing inventory.

In addition to managing one of the nation's largest spare parts locations, Akibia was also challenged with maintaining a logistics network of more than 70 strategic stocking locations (SSLs) and having the ability to report on a specific location at a moment's notice.

Akibia worked with Choice to create a one-of-a-kind solution that would integrate into existing logistics infrastructure and streamline processes to increase customer service levels by consistently meeting their same-day SLAs. The solution also had to be able to scale internationally. Choice responded with an integrated international service part logistics solution that, Akibia said, increased cycle count performance results and fill rates, reduced costs, provided efficient control of inventory, and improved Akibia's customer satisfaction rating.

"Choice Logistics is a critical component to Akibia's ongoing success as a leader in customer service," said Parisi. "Choice has enabled us to enhance our logistics infrastructure, parts management and overall logistics processes, furthering our ability to efficiently exceed our customer service level agreements."