Helping Retail Allocators Adjust to Changing Merchandise Strategies

With latest version of allocation solution, AIS aims to tackle retailers' biggest merchandising challenges

New Features Target Three Areas

  • Improved Allocation Strategy. AllocationXpert replicates the decision-making patterns of top allocators to better place merchandise in stores. With new, automated methods and filtering tools, the software was designed to assist users in assessing factors essential to improving store presentation, optimizing inventory levels and eliminating over-shipments.

  • Enhanced Analytical Tools. The solution features a graphical user interface (GUI) designed to assist users in viewing final allocation distribution. The interface also gives users the ability to examine multiple allocation scenarios, allowing them to compare and analyze allocation decisions in greater detail.

  • Data Management Tools. AllocationXpert's Virtual Store Clusters and Electronic Notes are among the data management tools designed to assist users in adjusting to changing market conditions. With the ability to build and manage store groups on-the-fly, users have the power to improve placement decisions and ultimately drive higher revenues. Electronic Notes also give users quick access to store comments or instructions and preserve the "allocation history" of store anomalies to be used in future allocations.

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