Celebration Foods Scoops Up Handheld Sales App

Software expected to accelerate frozen treat manufacturer/distributor's growth, new market penetration

Cambridge — May 27, 2005 — Celebration Foods, the manufacturer and distributor of Carvel branded ice cream cakes and frozen novelties, said this week that it has selected Eleven Technology to provide its field sales handheld solution.

Celebration Foods' current solution runs on older technology whose support has been terminated. As a critical tool for the sales team, Celebration Foods decided to take advantage of the opportunity and leapfrog their competition with a handheld application. The company defined its requirements and started a search for a partner.

"Celebration Foods' requirements went beyond simply replacing the existing solution," said Jim Schneeloch, vice president of sales, Celebration Foods. "From a functional perspective, Eleven Technology has the most advanced product. The pricing and forecasting engines are key elements we need to support our advanced pricing models, and their focus on increased sales is a major differentiator. However, it was Eleven's domain knowledge of the direct store delivery process, and the depth of their team, that convinced Celebration Foods that Eleven Technology is the right partner."

Eleven DSD will be rolled out to Celebration Foods' sales force of 150 representatives to streamline the sales and delivery process. By integrating to Celebration Foods' MAS 500 back-end system, Celebration Foods' sales team will have access to date trade promotions, focus items and pricing options. Celebration Foods expects that the visibility will increase sales, lower inventories and out-of-stocks, and improve customer satisfaction.

"Celebration Foods is continuously investing in its growth," said Tim Curran, CEO, Eleven Technology. "With the recent expansion into new markets in California, Ohio, and Arizona, Eleven DSD will allow their sales team to beat their aggressive growth goals."