Symbol Offering RFID Reader Support for Microsoft RFID Infrastructure

Radio frequency identification reader to provide familiar Microsoft interface for configuring, managing and deploying RFID

Holtsville, NY — June 8, 2005 — Symbol Technologies Inc. today announced that the Symbol XR400, the provider's enterprise-class radio frequency identification (RFID) reader, will support Microsoft's newly announced product vision for the RFID infrastructure.

The company said the Symbol XR400 RFID reader will take advantage of Microsoft's RFID infrastructure to provide customers with a familiar Microsoft interface for configuring, managing and deploying RFID within an enterprise.

Microsoft's RFID infrastructure is built on top of the Microsoft .NET Framework and is designed to allow customers using readers like the Symbol XR400 to capture and interpret data to track and trace assets in real-time. Customers running applications such as inventory management in retail warehouses or baggage tracking in airports will be able to move and manage that information instantly, extending business intelligence to the edge of their networks, Microsoft said.

"Microsoft is committed to providing tools and technologies that enable business process and supply chain efficiency," said Ted Kummert, Microsoft corporate vice president, Business Process and Integration Division. "RFID is an increasingly important technology, and we believe there is a tremendous opportunity to increase business performance for manufacturers, distributors, retailers and other industries. The combination of a flexible software platform that the Microsoft RFID infrastructure provides, along with innovative hardware technologies like the Symbol XR400, will help enable the adoption of RFID technology and lower the total cost of ownership for RFID solutions."

According to John Bruno, senior vice president and general manager of Symbol's RFID division, the key feature of the XR400 and the integration of Microsoft's RFID infrastructure is its ability to support third-party applications directly on the reader itself. "We look forward to continuing to build a strong relationship with Microsoft to develop and deliver RFID solutions to the market," Bruno added.

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