BigMachines Updates Configuration, Proposal Generation Software

Version 6.0 of Lean Front-End adds Web services connector to integrate provider's online product configurator into other applications using SOAP

Support for Web Services

More New Features

  • Configuration API with SOAP enables customers to call BigMachines' configurator from another application using XML and SOAP.

  • Improved File and Document Manager designed to make it easier for admin users to manage an organization's key selling and marketing documents online and to provide them to their users at the optimal point in a guided selling process.

  • Commerce Admin Navigation enables an organization's processes to adapt to a changing business environment by streamlining commerce process setup and administration. A new deployment center allows the admin users to deploy their processes at a scheduled time.

  • Commerce Process Document Generation without Line Items enables users to create a commerce document such as a quote or order without having to first pick or add a line item from the catalog or configurator.

  • Aftermarket Serial Number Search Updates enables customers to search for and find aftermarket parts and services by providing custom search fields and allowing wildcard search options.

  • Customer Search Filters intended to make it easy to find the right customer record when generating a quote or order by using all single-select customer attributes to filter customer master search results.

  • Improved Global Table Management enables system administrators to organize and sort their company's data tables. Global tables can be assigned to folders, and sorting is possible on the table name, date modified and date deployed columns.

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