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Ford to Launch New Supply Chain Initiative

Maps of finished vehicle network expected to encourage synergies for improving logistics

London — June 17, 2005 — A new initiative aimed at greater supply chain transparency has been announced by Dr. Bert Bong, manager of Finished Vehicle Logistics at Ford Europe.

In a strategy designed to encourage new synergies for improving logistics, Dr. Bong has created maps of the entire Ford of Europe finished vehicle network.

The idea, which originated from the Autologistics Europe conference in Montreux, Switzerland, in March, invites suppliers to study the maps and get in touch with ideas on how to improve the network.

Dr. Bong said he sees a more direct route to cost savings and improvements when original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) work together and encourage their layered service providers (LSPs) to do the same.

In a discussion with Automotive Logistics magazine's editor, Maxine Elkin, about the initiative, he said: "I hope that the suppliers who we use will approach us with other solutions when they see the full network. I want to foster ideas and initiatives."