Proficiency Eyes IP Protection with Latest Collaboration Gateway

Version 4.0 of CAD collaboration solution addresses intellectual property challenges of OEM/supplier relationships

  • Service Oriented Architecture Version 4.0 begins delivery of functionality to enable workflow controlled data exchange. An enhanced server application programming interface (API) and new messaging components allow the Collaboration Gateway to receive data exchange requests programmatically from enterprise systems and deliver design intelligence on demand. Engineering content is now available to improve efficiency on all product development decisions.

  • Support for Surface Operations Collaboration Gateway version 4.0 continues delivery of surface feature support, necessary for many of today's complex stylized products. In addition to the surface feature support of previous versions, version 4.0 also offers support for surface draft, surface round, surface sweep and blend, surface transform and thick surface.

  • Expanded Feature Set New features supported in version 4.0 include threads, centerlines, disjoint features, helical sweep, layers, filters, hide/show status and select manufacturing features.

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