Loyalty Lab Rolls out Latest Release of On-demand Retail Loyalty App

Summer 2005 iteration features campaign and e-mail management, multi-channel real-time capabilities and improved lifecycle segmentation

  • E-mail and Campaign Communications — Retailers will be able to implement and manage e-mail campaigns based on their rewards program, as well as deliver personalized online offers to specific shoppers.

  • Customization and Flexibility — New Web services application programming interfaces (APIs) and real-time capabilities give retailers the flexibility to collect customer data, respond with targeted offers and process rewards in any channel, all in real-time.

  • Segmentation — Retailers can use more variables in determining customer populations, including traditional measures like recency, frequency and monetary (RFM) and program-specific values like lifespan and lifetime spend.

  • Customer Service — A new customer service tool enables care representatives to manage customer records and address common customer issues.

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