JRG Offers Upgraded On-demand Supply Chain Planning Suite

New suite to provide CPG manufacturers with synchronization between HQ, factories to improve bottom-line revenue

San Mateo, CA — July 28, 2005 — JRG, provider of on-demand supply chain planning solution for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, has announced the JRG Supply Chain Planning Suite 4.0, which is designed to enable demand-driven manufacturing with synchronization between customers' headquarters and factories.

JRG expects that with 4.0, CPG manufacturers will be able to use the capabilities of JRG Factory Scheduler, Performance Manager and Enterprise Planner to reduce out-of-stocks, increase order performance, lower inventories and reduce operating expenses.

The provider stated that manufacturers need a demand-driven supply chain that enables them to build-to-consumption in order to succeed in to today's competitive global market. In response, it has designed SCP 4.0 in such a way that CPG manufacturers can plan, schedule and adapt to retail demand in real-time in order to reduce out-of-stocks, increase perfect order performance, lower inventories and reduce operating expenses.

JRG said its solution is also is delivered on-demand, eliminating the time and money required by traditional enterprise software implementations, as well as maintenance and upgrades.

At Weetabix Canada we needed a better way to build-to-order, thereby reducing inventory, in an effort to stave off or forestall additional warehouse space, explained Paul Whitehead, Plant manager, Weetabix of Canada. JRG's on-demand solution gave us the technology we needed to manage our entire supply chain, enabling collaboration between headquarters and plants so that we could better handle demand, improve planning and scheduling, scale to the company's increased production needs and align the overall supply chain with enterprise-level objectives.

JRG said its upgraded software will allow manufacturers to further use the capabilities of Factory Scheduler and Performance Manager to create a manufacturing culture of customer responsiveness, corporate accountability, and enterprise collaboration. Factory Scheduler can be used for scheduling and performance management within a company's plant. Enterprise Planner is used by a company's headquarters to manage production planning across a network of plants.

Today's manufacturers need to become agile and lean, able to act and react quickly and dynamically across all aspects of the supply chain in order to fill orders fast, as they come in, said Jonathon Knight, CEO and co-founder at JRG. JRG's on-demand Supply Chain Planning Suite 4.0 offers our customers a set of new features that will better enable them to manage their supply chain, as well as offer insight, synchronization and collaboration between enterprise level business goals and multi-factory production.

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