Alien Debuts High-performance Multi-protocol RFID Reader

New ALR-9800 offers EPC Class I Gen 2 compatibility, reader management capabilities to allow for large-scale deployments

New Platform

Built for Dense Reader Environments

  • Alien and IBM announced that the two companies have integrated IBM's WebSphere RFID Device Infrastructure (WRDI) middleware on the ALR-9800 RFID Reader. Alien also announced it is offering customers a specific version of the ALR-9800 incorporating IBM's WRDI middleware, which enables the integration of RFID data with IBM platform-based systems and enterprise business processes.

  • Alien announced an alliance with Oracle establishing Alien as a partner in Oracle's Sensor-Based Services initiatives, including support for integration of the ALR-9800 Enterprise RFID Reader with the Oracle Sensor Edge Server, including Oracle Warehouse Management, Oracle EPC Compliance Enabler and other RFID-enabled solutions. Alien is a certified partner in the Oracle PartnerNetwork.

  • Alien announced that the ALR-9800 Enterprise RFID Reader is compatible with the Microsoft RFID Infrastructure and will be supported by Microsoft Corp.'s RFID technology as part of the two company's recently announced alliance. The Microsoft RFID Infrastructure is designed to enable cost-effective deployment of RFID capabilities and simplified management of RFID data across the enterprise, including the integration of RFID data with enterprise business applications and real-time processes. The RFID Infrastructure based upon the Microsoft .NET Framework will include a device management layer and an event management layer that can be used by third party applications.

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