iSi North America Boosts Revenues, Customer Service

Business analytics software enhances sales data, smoothes ERP migration while keeping customer service on track, according to manufacturer

Raleigh, NC — August 9, 2005 — QlikTech Inc., a provider of business intelligence (BI), analysis and reporting applications, today said that iSi North America has improved revenues and customer service using its QlikView business analysis application.

iSi manufactures whipped cream makers, soda siphons and their respective chargers. QlikView, according to QlikTech, enables iSi to access and analyze sales data so that it can identify and respond to business trends and more efficiently manage inventory.

In addition, iSi streamlined the implementation of a new MAS200 enterprise resource planning (ERP) system using QlikView, making the migration invisible to end-users and reducing the costs of bringing the new system online.

"QlikView provides me with immediate access to information and enables me to better service customers and suppliers," said Carol Kentis, vice president, Foodservice for iSi North America. "If I have a customer or supplier on the phone I just need to point and click to provide them with instant answers. Previously I would have to run a query and then get back to the customer or supplier later."

iSi North America is responsible for North American sales and distribution for iSi Group, a multi-national provider of specialty pressure cylinders for industrial and consumer applications. iSi's product lines span commercial and home kitchen equipment, automotive, and industrial markets.

Over the past decade, iSi North America investmented in data-rich ERP systems. However, iSi found it was unable to easily access and analyze customer and sales data from those systems. QlikView is being used to give the company new insight into its data, allowing the iSi management and sales teams to explore sales, distribution, margin, pricing and customer service information from every conceivable angle.

As a result, the company said it has been able to identify and respond to industry trends, enabling it to enhance customer service and improve revenue. Additionally, QlikTech has improved communication between iSi and its parent company by providing iSi Group instant access to its subsidiary's data in real-time.

"Accurate, accessible information is essential to building a competitive advantage," said Rick Pitts, CEO of QlikTech United States. "By providing a means for its sales and management teams to access and analyze sales data on the fly, iSi is empowering its employees and laying the foundation for success."