Analyst Perspective: RFID and the Agile Enterprise

Radio frequency technologies are just one piece of the puzzle in building agility into your company's supply chain

Networking Considerations

  • RFID applications require a networking solution that provides reliable connectivity. Proper connectivity for an RFID system is two-fold: between (1) the hundreds of readers and the event manager and (2) between the event manager and enterprise applications. Regardless of data volume, data traffic must not be slowed or stopped when using RFID. Data needs to be delivered reliably and securely. Loss of network connectivity would be highly disruptive in many RFID applications, especially within an open-loop supply chain;

  • Systems must be based on globally harmonized standards to enable higher security. With the deployment of standards-compliant solutions, network vendors can add RFID content intelligence to routing and switching products. This will make data more secure and enable systems to better route information across a network. The result is "load balancing" across servers to provide for increased reliability and security. Additional reader and reader-to-network standards are a near-term market requirement; and,

  • RFID and WLANs are highly synergistic and compatible. Whether RFID readers are stationary, mobile, or embedded in other devices, they can leverage the attributes of WLANs. This may be in the form of distributed access points (APs); wireless mesh networks that do not require Ethernet connectivity to each AP; or Power over Ethernet (PoE) wired connectivity to the network. WLANs do not need to be dedicated to the RFID application, but are expected to support a range of data and voice applications. Users would like to leverage existing WLAN systems as they are quality of service enabled, secure, centrally managed and scalable.
The Influx of Data

Creating the Agile Enterprise

Vendor Approaches

Venture Development Corporation (VDC) is an independent technology market research and strategy consulting firm that specializes in a number of retail automation, RFID, AIDC, embedded, component, industrial, and defense markets. VDC provides support in refining, building and creating solutions, strategies and go-to-market plans for RFID.

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